Hallan: Yesterday (With Him)

Portsmouth, UK indie rockers, Hallan, follow their dynamic previous single, Habit, with another smart examination of every day life's tediousness that is the very fresh, Yesterday (With Him). The song is an idealistic piece designed like a straight assault on the uninspiring and the banal, questioning people's choices and the effect which low quality television and social influencers have on their standards of living.

Conveying a nervy and noisy rock sound in accordance with British post punk's rich tradition, and also consistent with the characteristic brashness of the latest wave of UK bands which have pressed the genre forward, Hallan are certainly among those promising new acts whose effect relies mainly on verity and virtuousness, as well as their devout and observatory songcraft, and the quality of their lyrical content.

Yesterday (With Him) continuous the band's chain of solid singles and sees the quartet moving forward in a very confident and refined manner.

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