Fragrance.: At Last - Opale Sad Mix (f/ Maya Postepski)

One of the most deeply melancholic tracks and album highlights on Now That I'm Real, the debut album by French synthpop/electronica artist, Fragrance., gets a lengthier, very creative and even moodier version in the hands of atmospheric ambient duo, Opale. Like the original song, the remix of At Last features the prominent vocals of the always entrancing, Maya Postepski, who's chiefly responsible for the track's proneness toward the immersive, saddened synthpop of the first TR/ST album.

Without losing any of its dance pop characteristics, the song becomes something even more despondent and moody through Opale's appositely labeled Sad Mix, as the extension of the track to a six-minute piece offers more space for the melancholy to be augmented accordingly.

At Last - Opale Sad Mix will be part of an upcoming EP of remixes scheduled to arrive later in 2020, and expected to showcase different sides of Matthieu Roche's contemplative synthpop sound.


Cover art by Atelier Belle Lurette

Artist photos //  Fragrance by Caroline Bonarde // Opale by Suffo Moncloa

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