glasshouse: mote

Australian alternative rockers, glasshouse, follow their well received previous single, pulp, from late 2019, with a new punchy piece which draws from the vanguards of grunge and guitar-driven indie rock, channeling a whole lot from the nineties, yet, sounding genuine and conscious of its influences.

Grungy and brimming with grittiness, mote is also strongly tuneful, and it borders on psychedelic hard rock, while its underpinning is composed of a strong rhythm, extremely fuzzed out guitars and a forcible vocal delivery.

The Sunshine Coast quartet has previously shared stages with bands like the The Growlers​, Voiid​, ​Pandamic​ and Something​ ​Something​ ​Explosion​, and single after single they keep building momentum. mote sounds like one of those pieces best enjoyed live, still, the band's energy is palpable on the very sharp studio version as well.


Cover art by Jhonny Russell

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