D//E Premiere: Sisyphes: Hispanie

Based in Margate, England and borrowing their name, as well as part of their artistic conception from the myth of Sisyphus, indie rock quartet, Sisyphes, will release their debut single, Hispanie, on February 28th, 2020 through the UK label A Certain Kind Records.

Guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Geoffrey Papin, offers some insight on the song's intent: "Hispanie is inspired by a Joachim Du Bellay’s poem, Heureux qui comme Ulysse. Like this poem, it’s an ode to our distant hometown, Angers, but with a second dimension of being torn between the tenderness of your motherland and the lively exaltation of discovering a new land, a new culture, a new world. It’s an ode to emigration, to cross the borders and back, a love story between two lands that thumb their nose at Brexit with nonchalance."

A bilingual synthpop and post rock-bent shoegazer, the song becomes a very intriguing introduction to a promising new act whose sound and writing radiate with deviance, quirkiness and dainty sophistication.

Sisyphes are John Davies (drums), Jimi Tormey (synths), Clémentine Blue (vocals, bass, bass synth) and Geoffrey Papin (vocals, guitar). Hispanie was produced by Franklin Mockett and Geoffrey Papin, and mixed by Franklin Mockett at The Road Records, and it streams for the first time ever right below.

Cover photo by Geoffrey Papin

Artist photo by Joyce Brunelli

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