The Pop Ritual: Blood Meridian

Memphis-based industrial trio, The Pop Ritual, have recently released their latest album, It Sheds Again, drawing from the dark underground's standard vanguard to come through with a totally unconventional and downright venturous sound, as the band harness the most out of a very rich and grandiose production, and explore themes of gloom and devastation.

Blood Meridian is the album's opening piece, an industrial punk cataclysm, cut from the same cloth as the darkness of Skinny Puppy, the belligerence of Ministry and the grit of the Killing Joke records in the 2000s.

"For us, Blood Meridian is a sonic bridge from Perinde ac Cadaver (our last record) to It Sheds Again--a final witness of infinite deserts and cosmic titans before a grand devolving," says the band's guitarist, Scott Nivens.

The very much dense, 33-minute long, It Sheds Again, is out now via Thisco Records.


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