The Exbats: I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts

With its sound, title and overall aesthetics screaming of garage punk rocking goodness and fun, Kicks, Hits and Fits, the upcoming album by father/daughter duo, The Exbats, is scheduled to come out out March 6th, 2020 through the creditable Burger Records.

First single, I Got The Hots For Charlie Watts, is obviously a loving tribute to the invincible drummer of The Rolling Stones, and it finds the band in a janglier pop mode, sounding confident, consummate and full of thrill and excitement.

The Exbats are composed of 20-year-old drummer and vocalist, Inez McLain, and her father, guitarist Kenny McLain. Fully realizing their traditional punk rocking sound and posture, the band has shared stages with acts like The Dead Milkmen, Mike Watt, SadGirl, NO WIN, AJJ, El Vez, Death Valley Girls, Skating Polly, Starcrawler and more.

"Billie Joe from Green Day got his hands on the song," Kenny says about the track which closes the new album, "and passed it off to Ronnie Wood who gave it to Charlie on his birthday. How cool is that! I also love that story from Keith about how Charlie punched Mick in Amsterdam when Mick called him on the phone saying, ‘Where’s my drummer?’ After he slugged Mick, Charlie said, I’m not your drummer—you’re my singer."


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