Pave The Jungle: Jelly

The first ever single by Newcastle-based alternative rock band, Pave The Jungle, is a driving and tuneful hard rocker with psychedelic characteristics, shadowier than most of its contemporary peers, and demonstrative of the new act's agility.

Led by songwriter Rachael Whittle, former member of grunge punk band, ILSER, Pave The Jungle came to be following Whittle's participation in an all-female artist mentorship program, organized by city creative hub Generator, leading to a week of studio sessions where she collaborated with Mercury Prize nominee Nadine Shah, and James Brown of experimental rockers Pulled Apart by Horses.

"Collaborating with musicians of that calibre, without any pressure looming over me, started the entire process which has led to Pave The Jungle," Rachael Whittle states, letting us in on her mindset and creative process. "For too long, I was rooted entirely in live performance. In that setting, it’s easy to skip thinking into things too deeply - in favour of just making it faster or louder! That goes for the structuring of songs as much as it does for exploring sensitive lyrical themes."

The five-minute long ambition of Jelly, verifies that the band starts things off on the right foot.

"Whatever the songs were at the time I scraped them off stage and into the studio, that’s how they remained – forever. Now, the intention is to deliberate more. Not just to view the studio as a place for exploring more daring ideas, but to make sure there’s real meaning and value attached to the end-result."


Artist photo by Johnny Haynes

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