False Heads: Rabbit Hole

After a solid series of serious single and EP releases, London trio, False Heads, are finally in preparation to unveil their debut album. It’s All There But You’re Dreaming comes out March 13th, 2020, and it's introduced with the fantastic Rabbit Hole, an explosive track that points out the band's punk and grunge rocking exuberance.

While the album is the product of five years of hard work and creativity, its first specimen surely sounds like something cutting sharp and very well realized, while the band's fieriness and guitar-driven excitability is once more laid down to seamless technical perfection.

Guitarist Luke Griffiths states about the coming LP: "It’s All There, But You’re Dreaming is the culmination of the last four years of our lives together and the last ten of lives individually - since we all picked up instruments in our early teens. The world is bleak and social media makes it bleaker. We get our information from our own echo chamber and we are our own tabloids. The album is trying to find a way internally of processing the external and that has themes of depression, misery and addiction but also slight bursts of optimist and individual joy. We didn't consciously think too hard about what we wanted musically, as it's a perfect summation of the last four years of us being in a band together. There's songs that are old and songs that are new and they have different sounds and feelings to them. But we did want to create something that is interesting and versatile which we think we did. It's not the same song 12 times and even though it's aggressive it's also delicate which is exactly what we wanted."

False Heads have shared the stage with top class acts like Queens Of The Stone Age, The Libertines, David Byrne and Band Of Skulls among others. Their upcoming album which couldn't be more anticipated, will feature reworked versions of some of the band's earlier singles alongside new composition. Album closer, Rabbit Hole, attests the release's significance, as well as its quality.


Artist photo by Neil McCarty


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