Exmaid: Moldy

New Jersey duo, Exmaid, will be self-releasing their sophomore full length, Sorcery, on February 21st, 2020, and off it they have just revealed their latest, grungy and much vigorous single, Moldy.

The follow up to their debut, Fair Sex, from 2018, Sorcery finds Exmaid putting to use to songwriting chemistry between its members, lead singer and guitarist Miranda Taylor and guitarist Larry Ragone.

"The album Sorcery is largely about the inexplicable and otherworldly connections we can feel with one another," Taylor comments, "and about relationships beginning and ending." Written during rough times for both her and her bandmate, the album is a personal artistic statement for the two artists, who accomplished an estimable kind of unison by bringing together influences from every aspect of alternative underground rock, extending from folk to sludge and proto-metal.

Moldy is a well structured, easy going heavy garage rocker, gritty and spirited, and an apt example from the band's upcoming album.

"This record is important to us," Taylor adds. "The thing I want people to take from this record is that your feelings are valid and your experiences are real and important." Sorcery will be the debut release on Exmaid's own imprint, Bangs and Burns.

Cover art by Tom Lowell

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