Edith Crash: Keepsake

Frenzy is the latest and most realized album thus far by Los Angeles - through France and Spain - artist, Edith Crash, released late in 2019 through Light In The Attic Records, co-producer by the artist and Jeff Berner, of Psychic TV, and mastered by Bernie Grundman, (Prince, Dr. Dre, Marilyn Manson, Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and more).

Combining dark folk with electronica, industrial and darkwave sounds, Frenzy takes a more upbeat direction compared to some of Crash's sulkier previous efforts, and finds the artist actively engaged and involved in every aspect of the album, providing pristine instrumental work on drums, synths, guitar, vocals and found noises. Alain Johannes (Eleven, Queens Of The Stone Age, PJ Harvey, and Mark Lanegan), Crash's frequent collaborator, is also present, this time on guitar.

Keepsake, a tuneful, yet, slyly exploratory cut off the new album, stands out for its wonderful moodiness and dark eccentricity, featuring a mellow vocal crooning over the rock solid, intricate instrumentals, in an overall mesmeric outcome.

"Frenzy here is about an emotional agitation going from extreme euphoria to madness, flirting with all the feelings in between in an unstoppable whirl, craving to devour every second of life," Crash says of the new album. "Before writing this record, I literally witnessed the passing of two of the most important persons in my life, this and the energy of L.A really shaped the songs. This city can be a tornado of so much doing and achieving, this is also such an extreme place where the most beautiful and horrifying stories coexist."


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