Whirr: Feels Like You

Apparently Whirr self-released an album in Fall 2019 which went a bit under the radar. Feels Like You came five whole years after Sway, and four after the Twitter controversy in relation to the derogatory remarks against G.L.O.S.S. The new album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Time Well Recordings by Zac Montez, and came out on a very limited vinyl run.

The mixture of heavy and quiet is once again truly remarkable, as the band fuses their weighty shoegaze instrumentals with soft vocals and intimate lyrics, while they return to Eyes Wide Shut for the album cover art, and even use a dialogue sample from the movie in the closing track.

Deeply wistful from end to end, Feels Like You, feels more cohesive in one piece, rather than sticking out as a set of individual tracks, and although Whirr's songwriting sounds definitely close-knit, well structured and fine-tuned, the album leaves a more powerful impression as a singular unit. The first part of it, particularly the first three tracks, Mellow, Wavelength and Younger Than You, may appear more towering, weightier and more sensational that the rest of the ten tracks which offer spacier and moodier moments, still, it all results to a very well balanced release that has a place among the band's finest work.

Feels Like You is a solid continuation for Whirr who rightly took their time to decompose and reevaluate some of their previous stances. The questionable behavior seems like a thing of the past now, as Whirr give the impression of a much more matured act. Musically this latest of their is cream of the crop shoegaze, and there's nothing to be questioned about that.

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