Ring Them Bells: Ringo

Suppliers of well constructed, noisy psychedelia, Ring Them Bells, from Copenhagen, Denmark, return with a brand new piece off their expected album, drawing from traditional underground psych rock, indie folk, guitar-driven Britpop and space rock, bringing their own twist into a celebrated genre with ageless qualities.

Ring Them Bells vocalist, Johannes Nidam, explains about the band's newest work: "The noise has not subsided, but has been pointed in a certain direction so that the song itself comes more to life, we use the chaos, that has always been an element in our music more effectively, and to our own surprise this stuff is actually danceable in a weird way."

The aesthetically raw, folksy and idyllic clip which accompanies Ringo was created by Flemming Bo and Carsten Villadsen, featuring the people of Festival De La Faix Danse Le Monde.

Gradually on the rise, the Danish group has played numerous Scandinavian festivals and shared stages with Wovenhand, The Damned, 120 Days and The Drums.

The coming LP will be released March 2020, and it was recorded and produced by Marcus Forsgren (Lionheart Brothers, Jaga Jazzist, Serena Maneesh).


Cover art by David Milo

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