Neighbours Burning Neighbours: Grace

Having previously turned heads their way for their independent live sessions, Dutch post punk/noise pop act, Neighbours Burning Neighbours, release their first studio recording, Grace, which will be part of the incoming seven-inch, Softly / Grace, expected January 23rd, 2020 through the Dutch label Subroutine.

Nervier than ever, Grace goes way beyond conventional structures, yet, it's a powerfully impulsive piece of art whose chaotic character translates to something very well thought out and accomplished, as well as all the way absorbing due to the distinguished chemistry and vibrancy in the quartet's performance.

"When we write music together the four of us collectively discuss what’s going on," Alicia Breton Ferrer, the band's vocalist and guitarist states. "And though our opinions tend to differ on certain matters, our conviction is that it can all coexist within the same space. I noticed there’s a very conversational element to our music." Drummer Aram Scheeve adds: "Every opinion is worth exploring, it helps us find new perspectives."

Neighbours Burning Neighbours are the aforementioned Alicia Breton Ferrer (the Sweet Release of Death) and Aram Scheeve (AC Berkheimer), together with Daanie van den IJssel (ex-Cusack) (guitar, vocals), and Bart Kalkman (ex-Cusack) (bass guitar).

Cover art by Bart Kalkman & Alicia Breton Ferrer


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