Inkräktare: Free The World

It's been a very long time since Inkräktare, the electronica/industrial-bent duo composed by veterans Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, STFU, Blurred City Lights) and Mark Wallbridge (a.k.a. Vasko The Pig) released their first album under this project whose moniker translates to 'Intruder' from Swedish. We Are Not Really Here is their sophomore full length which found the creative duo offering something fully realized compared to their more toned-down debut from ten years ago, and collaborating again with Garcia's frequent associates, Rose Berlin (SPC ECO) and Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives and STFU).

Garcia has a long and interesting statement about the new Inkräktare album and its creative process: "This is a very different kind of collaboration in terms of how the ideas are formed and realised than anything I've done before. The original soundscapes that Mark sends me are not fully formed as such in any way, they have form but it's very abstract, ie no specific arrangements, middles, bridges chorus's etc, they are open to interpretation to my ear and can therefor go anywhere, unstructured and unrestricted or constrained by a pre conceived template. My connection to them is very much from a tonal point of view, the aim is to magnify what's there by developing a more defined structure by means of bass and drums or anything I feel works.

"It's like someone giving you an abstract painting and allowing the other to somehow make it more defined, but still maintain and allow the original source to breathe and shine through. What's fascinating to me is the way that process happens. I connect in such a particular way that, instead of having to really try or think about how to merge the two, it just happens on its own instinctively because the original backdrop is so strong with its unique built-in art-mosphere. It allows me to just let loose and expand or try things that I otherwise would not. I've always said the key to making something you love is to allow these unstructured free-fall on-the-fly no-fucks-given elements into the recording process. When they happen or you allow and embrace this approach, you'll get something deeper, more expressive and original. Working with Mark's sound ideas does exactly that - it not only encourages this, but almost taunts or dares you to open up and go there."

Free The World is the latest video revealed off We Are Not Really Here, and it features Rose Berlin on words and vocals.

Cover art by InK LaB
Video by Mark Wallbridge

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