Alder & Ash: Lest This Fire Smoulder and Smoke

Alder & Ash is the creative explorations of Montreal-based instrumentalist Adrian Copeland who in a very unique way offers an unparalleled modern classical sound by ways of noise, industrial, doom and ambient music.

The Crowneater is the project's third full length, out on the Montreal-based, Mendicant Records. Through it Alder & Ash takes an even heavier and edgier path, implementing elements from contemporary extreme metal and exploratory industrial, while the barren instrumentation which consists only of cello, loop pedals and effects, is assuredly the most powerful aspect of Copeland's creativity. It is also what makes his overall unconventional approach and his symmetry of minimalism and maximalism flourish.

"Writing this album was like therapy," the artist mentions in a long and very interesting statement about the new album. "What I mean by that isn't some saccharine, Instagram-friendly idea of what therapy is, but what real therapy is. Real therapy is an honest and stark look at who we are - a deliberate and painful effort to discover what we feel, why we do things, and how we can grow from our experiences. This isn't an easy process, and it's not a fun one. But it's necessary."

Cover art by Nick Teplov

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