Wolfbrigade: The Wolfman

Swedish d-beat/hardcore punk greats, Wolfbrigade, are up to their tenth full length, The Enemy: Reality, set for release November 8th, 2019 through Southern Lord Recordings. Off it the band has just released a frantic single and dark video titled The Wolfman, exploiting the most out of their characteristic Lycantro Punk sound, amalgamated from their expert mixture of hardcore punk, thrash and death metal.

"Humans are a narcissistic breed, incapable of real change," Wolfbrigade say. "This album is a way for us to deal with the fact that we are one of a large pack, submitting to the same societal norms as everyone else. No matter how much we would like it to be different. We are all on the same crazy trip."

The Wolfman pulls its theme and inspiration from Sigmund Freud’s Wolfman’s Dream. and its bleak accompanying clip, directed by MeANkind and edited by Henrik Norsell, provides further statement of the veteran band's political beliefs and notions like governmental supervision, last century's nuclear warfare and the current state of affairs.


Video directed by MeANkind

Artist photo by E. Ljungbacken

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