Postcards: Hunting Season

After the gazey earworm that was their recent single, Fossilized, Beirut-based band, Postcards, reveal another musing dreampop cut off their coming album, The Good Soldier, expected out January 3rd, 2020 via Berlin label, T3 Records.

Hunting Season is a gentle, slow-going piece which finely recalls the more contemplative moments of Slowdive, while its poetic lyricism is one of those strong particulars for which Postcards should be highlighted as one of the genre's currently most propitious acts. All things considered, the band's upcoming second full length will likely asset all of that previously indicated noteworthiness.

"The song is about living in denial by creating an idealistic version of life, where our relationships and ethics are clear and unwavering," the band describe their new single's aim.


Cover photo by Rachel Tabet / Design by Josette Khalil


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