Leggy: Not What You Need

Off their latest album, Let Me Know Your Moon, which was released earlier in 2019 through Sheer Luck Records, Cincinnati trio, Leggy, unveil a great new visual for their song, Not What You Need.

Colorful and dreamlike as the music itself, the video for Not What You Need was directed by Jo Shaffer and Spencer Peppet of fellow Ohio indie rockers, The Ophelias. The song was initially released as a demo in 2017, of which a sharper and clearer version became one of the standouts on Leggy's latest full length.

Accessible like traditional pop, fidgety like punk rock and dense like shoegaze, the track is a nice representation of the might and shrewdness Leggy put on display with their new album, while their push toward a more effectual sound and better rounded creativity seems to be flourishing.

Leggy are VĂ©ronique Allaer (guitar, vocals), Kirsten Bladh (bass, vocals) and Chris Campbell (drums).


Video directed by Jo Shaffer and Spencer Peppet

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