Jools: Hysterical Starving Naked

Named after Jools Holland, and inspired by a performance by fellow perturbed Brit post punks, Shame, on the popular TV show, Leicester’s Jools emerge rigorously with a downright impressive, full of vigor piece that makes a fantastic and certainly promising debut single.

Hysterical Starving Naked was recorded with Bob Cooper and presents the six-piece band potentiality to the fullest, sounding all aggressive, fiery and tumultuous, like a hardened and amped up version of The Fall, as the song messes with its own structure and arrangement, leaving no room for dull moments in its three minute density.

Jools  are vocalist Mitchell Gordon, guitarists Ellis Crowson, Chris Johnston and Sam Shooter, bassist Tom Selby and drummer Pete Mcleod.

With only a demo and a debut single under the belt, Jools have been rightfully started building a strong reputation, and paving the way for what's about to follow.

Artist photo by Corrine Rowell

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