Jettes: Hockey Smile

After a pair of very promising introductory singles, the creative alliance between surf rocker, Melody Connor, and lo-fi punk, Laura Lee who is also part the indie rock duo, Gurr, is finally ready for the release of their first EP, Hockey Smile, arriving November 29th, 2019.

The EP's title track and opening number is the third piece we get to hear from the band's tireless combination of grit and rock 'n' roll energy, and much like the previously unveiled, Lost My Baby, it's overrun with garage rocking distinction and fortitude, while this time a quirkier pop direction which winks to both eighties' new wave and the dance pop mellowness of the sixties, is fairly evident.

With three out of five songs out, Jettes already show signs of traditional rock 'n' roll superiority without having to go above and beyond with their songwriting. It's all swift and to the point.


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