Wild Arrows: Big Dream

Mike Law of EULCID and New Idea Society also writes and records as Wild Arrows, offering a more esoteric, electronic-inclined, dreampop aspect of his creativity, based on beautiful lyricism, intimate songwriting and delivery, and a kind of a raw straightforwardness which comes evidently estimable and without parallel.

Mike Law on the Spiral Stairs is the project's latest album, a terrific record that makes a great thorough listening experience by providing appealing insight to the warmth, eccentricity and acuity in Law's writing.

The album is charmingly introduced through the opening cut, Big Dream, a superb piece "recalling growing up in post industrial New England, weaving around the DIY music world to NYC and remembering Sinéad O'Connor trying to save us all from the predator priests of Boston from the screen of Saturday Night Live."


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