Minimal Compact: My Will

Post punk legends, Minimal Compact, reemerge with their first new album in over thirty years. Creation is Perfect is not a collection of new material, but an an album composed of new versions of the band's classic tracks, recorded alongside another legend, longtime collaborator, Colin Newman of Wire. The new recordings were created utilizing a blend of live recordings and studio built performances, and the outcome is something utterly complementary to the great band's legacy.

Minimal Compact are Berry Sakharof (guitars, keyboards, vocals), Malka Spigel (bass, keyboards, vocals), Samy Birnbach aka DJ Morpheus (vocals), Rami Fortis (guitar, vocals), and Max Franken (drums). The band formed in Amsterdam in 1980 and until 1988 when they disbanded, they had left behind a series of excellent LPs and EPs, including 1985's Raging Souls where the original version of My Will appears.

Although its not customary for reunions and re-recordings to shine that brightly, the case of Minimal Compact makes an exemplary exception, and the new rendition of My Will, one of the band's most characteristic tracks, puts the new album's worth on display.

Creation is Perfect releases October 25th, 2019.


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