Mamiffer: All That Is Beautiful

Aptly titled The Brilliant Tabernacle, the new album by the prolific experimental folk duo, Mamiffer, arrives via Sige Records on November 1st, 2019. The poetic album opener, All That Is Beautiful, presents equal measures of melody and distortion based on brilliantly laid out traditional instrumentation, and comes through like a strong delineation of Faith Coloccia's vision.

"I worked with Lauren Rodriguez on this video, and gave her my notes and themes which she interpreted into film," Faith Coloccia comments about the accompanying video. "She was involved in the process on a heartfelt and emotional level as well as a creative one. She helped me create a visual narrative representing the psychedelia and different mind-states of new parenthood and the feeling of being 'earth-bound'. Focusing on the matrilineal connection to my mother, grandmothers and great grandmothers. In the video I dress up in their clothes and jewellery,  I wash their blankets and make their beds. I was attempting to follow in the strength of their footsteps- that when seen as domestic- were silenced and made invisible/mundane- and instead elevate them to the full colour of the present. I wanted to find the power of their souls, and carry that through visuals of where I live, and the land that surrounds our home. Two artists that inspired me in the making of this video and song were Audre Lorde's The Erotic as Power and the documentation of the 'earth-body' artist: Ana Mendieta."

Once again, Mamiffer's new album owes its ingenuity to Faith Coloccia, her longtime collaborator and contemporary metal great, Aaron Turner, as well as a number of additional musicians, including Jon Mueller, Brian Cook, Veronica Dye and more.

Cover art by Faith Coloccia

Video by Lauren Rodriguez

Artist photo by Ethan DeLorenzo


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