Ky Vöss: Swallow the Batteries

Classically trained violinist turned dreampop hopeful, Ky Vöss, joins the roster of Play Alone Records and releases a wonderful debut, Space Cadet, a record which brings together elements from pop, industrial, darkwave and post punk into a very much artful and remarkable result.

Austin native, currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Vöss veered away from her classical training and started producing electronic music when she realized she didn’t need an entire orchestra to realize her vision. Themed on addiction, abuse, sex work, poverty, and homelessness, Space Cadet makes the best use of layers, strong effects, and a more loaded style of production, and becomes a genuine representation of the rising artist's creativity.

Album closer and highlight, Swallow the Batteries, "is about the process of accepting the trauma that permanently lives in Ky's brain and learning how to coexist with it."

Having also earned accolades for her live presence, Ky Vöss is a unique underground act with an amalgamating, distinctive sound worth checking out.


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