Djunah: Bless Your Money

With less than a couple of weeks left until the release of one of the year's most solid debuts, the masterful live, prompt and dynamic noise rock duo, Djunah, reveal a third single off Ex Voto.

Like its predecessors, Animal Kingdom and Nurse And Nun, the newly unveiled Bless Your Money is a spectacular three-minute cut with steady build up toward a climactic end which showcases the duo's both the dexterity in their performance and brilliant songwriting arrangement. The song in a straightforward manner takes a stance against the abuse of extreme wealth, and it's a socially conscious, radical scream in defiance of the moguls who deprave everything in order to uphold their social class.

Ex Voto releases November 1st, 2019, via Triple Eye Industries. Revisit our recent interview with Donna Diane.

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