Deathcrush: Daemon

Both this band's name and their track's title incidentally refer to black metal legends, Mayhem, and their oldest and latest works respectively, and can be enough for a first stopping point to sit tight and pay attention to what they're all about, furthermore, there's definitely cooler and finer qualities in Deathcrush artistry and sound.

Genre-bending to the core, Deathcrush are not easy to define in common terms, and they don't sound interested in fitting a certain genre. There's bits from punk, grunge, noise rock and deathrock which illustrate the most of what they sound like, yet, there are moments when their foundation becomes oddly distorted with ideas that hint on hip-hop, dance, black metal, new wave and much more, making everything appear unsafe and surprising.

Off their new album, Megazone, Daemon, pays tribute to the late Damon Edge from Chrome, with a memorable, dirty acid punk riff and an overall fervent performance which represents much from the band's  exhilarating madness.

Deathcrush are based in Oslo, Norway, and are composed of Linn Nystadnes, Vidar Evensen and Pelle Bamle.


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