D//E Premiere: The Empty Page: You're Tame

Manchester's The Empty Page have had a pretty productive year in 2019, playing gigs and putting out a trilogy of wonderful singles of which the latest was just released, together with an obscure, psychedelic and downright cute video.

On the splendid, You're Tame, The Empty Page tackle the subject of domestication, making on point parallels between our four-legged friends' behavior and the contemporary life most civilized humans live.

"The lyrics were sparked by something I read about a scientific study showing that domesticated animals have smaller brains than their wild counterparts," bassist and vocalist, Kel, reveals. "It made me think about how humans - in wealthy countries at least - might have been affected by our modern domesticated lifestyles. A lot of our problem solving is done for us and our 'comfortable' lifestyles mean we are pretty dull and boring in contrast with out beastly nature. It's not really a deep social commentary. Just an appeal to sometimes finding time for your animalistic wild side rather than getting bogged down in domestic drudgery."

Once more, the song was recorded with Simon Ding Archer (Pixies, The Fall, PJ Harvey), and finds The Empty Page showcasing their love for guitar-driven nineties alternative rock, expressed through both the track's sturdiness and the accompanying video's off-kilter aesthetics. The video, starring the band doing what they do best around a bunch of kittens from Rescue Kitties Manchester, streams for the first time right below.

Akin to the vivacious, grungy indie rock coined by The Breeders, Veruca Salt and Pixies, the razor-sharp and absolutely engaging sound The Empty Page produce is over again fully fledged, and attached to thought-provoking lyrical content which doesn't fail to enamor the listener.

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