D//E Album Premiere: Daymaker: Let the Sun Fall

Since their formation in 2014, Chicago's Daymaker have been developing their edgy post punk sound, and building toward the first milestone that is their astute debut full length, Let the Sun Fall, out November 1st, 2019 through Diversion Records.

Nervy and penetrating, sometimes tactfully political, socially conscious and consistently unconventional, Daymaker's songwriting isn't confined in any kind of formulas and generalities, while the poignancy in their delivery simply cannot be missed. Let the Sun Fall is a bold statement which hits hard from the first listen as it fluctuates between airy melodiousness and raw tension.

"Let the Sun Fall is as much about accepting love as it is about turning our attention outward - to a world that requires holistic action." the band comment on the album's content.

Album highlights, MPC, Blood Pressure and Cambridge, stick out firmly, back to back, in the middle of a solid set of songs that's built on raging punk drive, contemplated lyricism, smooth melodies and the expressive vocal performances by Erin Delaney which cut through effectively on every single track.

The album was recorded at JAMDEK in the band's hometown by engineer and producer, Doug Malone. Its cover, captured on film by Maren Celest, parallels the image's serene moment in a chaotic scene with the actual music's aim to become something confident and assertive in all its undeniable fierceness.

Cover by Maren Celest

Artist photo by Alexus McLane

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