BRUIT ≤: Bloom

French quartet, BRUIT ≤, brought their sophisticated fusion of ambient post rock and modern classical music to full fruition with the digital release of their EP, Monolith, which came out October 2018 through Elusive Sound. One year later the EP gets a limited repress on vinyl with some notable features. while at the same time opening piece, Bloom, receives the music video treatment.

In a little over eight minutes of beautiful melodiousness, BRUIT ≤ come up with something strangely warm which can easily appeal to listener's of both contemporary and classical sounds, while the cinematic elements on their compositions are evidently sticking out, conveying images and stories even in the absence of lyrics.

"Life may be elsewhere, at another rhythm, a different scale, and you have forgotten it," the band's statement artfully mentions. "Your body hosts a microscopic and elusive world that dies and is reborn every second. It is swarming with particles that will be the cause of your life and your death. It will be your first vertigo, The bloom."

Video directed & edited by Mathilda Cabezas


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