Airduster: Puttyhead / Sniff

Atlanta-based band, Airduster, emerge out of the blue with a solid first, self-titled EP, presenting a dynamic sound which draws primarily from noise rock, and astutely combining elements from sludge, hardcore punk and stoner rock.

Opening track, Puttyhead, sounds like a strung out fusion of Melvins, Fugazi and Acid Bath, and turns out to be the most memorable and accessible moment on the four-track release which song after song happens to get heavier and dirtier. Puttyhead comes with a chaotic clip paired with the brief extremity of Sniff, co-directed by Travis Lamb and the band themselves.

Worth to dig deeper into its entirety, Airduster's debut builds up the heaviness and the tension, first through the moodier psychedelic space rocker, Holier Than Mao, and then concludes with the doom/sludge extravagance of Rosaries, the lengthiest and heaviest piece on the record.

Although for the time being there's not much about Airduster out there, the band has already made a strong impression, and much to look out for.

Video co-directed by Travis Lamb and Airduster

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