Self Help: Get On With It

Part of their EP, Organic Noise Kitchen, from November 2018, the frenziedly dynamic, Get On With It, by Oxford quartet, Self Help, is being released as a single, and comes accompanied by a charmingly plain clip depicting the band at a skate park, offering the best of what they do.

Self Help come through with a pretty sharp sound and advance as a very much hopeful underground act, mingling ways and ideas from punk, traditional rock 'n' roll, garage and slacker rock, all presented through a pop filter, and flat out energetic. A well structured cut, Get On With It, could belong in any of the last forty years of the ageless vitality that guitar-driven indie rock has had to offer, full of tuneful clarity, and representative of a tight band in full bloom.

The video was filmed and edited by Zak Watson, and directed by Sam Golding.

Album art by Léa Morales-Chanard

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