Neuland: Moons Ago

Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger, both visionary, experimental artists and previous members of the great Tangerine Dream, are now Neuland, an illustrious, yet quite forward looking and modernistic act whose sound adjusts between krautrock, new age, contemporary minimal electronica, ambient and film music.

The project recently announced the release of their self-titled album which arrives October 25th, 2019. Following the LP closer, Longing In Motion, the six-minute, ultra melodious broodiness of Moons Ago becomes the next piece we get to sample off the anticipated, and very much long in the making full length.

"It all boils down to one word, transcendence," Peter Baumann comments about the entirety of Neuland, and as both tracks evidently suggest, the record is all about breaking boundaries and constraints. Both experienced artists' superior musicianship give grounds for an engaging listen.



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