Heron: Gravity Shift

Part of an enchanting sophomore full length, Gravity Shift is the new single by Pennsylvanian instrumental post rockers, Heron, which comes with an exceptionally creative video, directed by filmmaker and visual effects artist, H. Haden Hammond, whose VFX credits include successful movie series such as Avengers, X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Heavily into space exploration, Sun Release was released last July, just in time for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11, and now Gravity Shifts comes paralleled to NASA announcing the Artemis Mission to return astronauts, including the first woman, to the moon by 2024. The video depicts a young girl dreaming of going into space, and a female astronaut returning from a mission, portrayed by mother-daughter actresses Kira and Chloe Spencer.

"We couldn’t believe the timing when NASA announced a female astronaut was going to the moon," says Heron guitarist, Boyd Lewis. "The truth is, the release of our album around the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary was dumb luck; our publicist just picked a date. But the announcement of the Artemis Mission feels like fate. We shot this video months before and just collectively decided that we wanted our daughters to be inspired by it. We hope now girls all over the world might be."

"We hope dads and parents watch this video with their daughters, and tell them about the Artemis Mission," adds guitarist, Ben Blick. "Visit NASA’s women in Space website, and read about the female astronaut candidates and STEM programs. Definitely play Heron’s album Sun Release in the car on dark starry nights, so your daughters can nightdream out the back window about breaking barriers."

Video written & directed by H Haden Hammond

Women In Space

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