Eggstone: The Late

Crunchy Frog's 25-year anniversary compilation finally arrives next week, and off it now comes one of its strongest entries, by one of the classiest indie pop acts ever, and one of the originators of the term "swede pop", Malmö's Eggstone, whose path goes back as far as the mid eighties.

After 2016's Like So, new single The Late is the second song the band release in 22 whole years, and it doesn't lack any of the elegance and appeal for which the pioneering band became known in the first place. Toying and shifting between moods and tempos, the new song is a very welcome addition to an undoubtedly prestigious career.

Eggstone are composed of childhood friends, Per Sunding (vocal, bass), Patrik Bartosch (guitar) and Maurits Carlsson (drums). The packed with indie pop sophistication, And Now For Something Completely Crunchy, releases September 13th, 2019.

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