Down The Lees: Bury The Sun

When you pair Steve Albini's mighty good ear for production, and a refined band's writing and delivery, a group with a sharp sound and a clear artistic vision, the result comes in the form of an excellent full length which doesn't lack much compared to the slowcore classics of the past. Down The Lees' newly released, Bury The Sun, is the kind of an engrossing record which can both arrest a first time listener, and grow with time.

"This was the first song that was written for this album, so naturally it comes first." say the band about their album's title track and opening piece. "Also, it should be on top of the pile of immediate action. Climate action. It speaks of the climate crisis we are facing and how a lot of people are so blind to it. It makes me so sad and worried for our planet. 'When will we wake up?' We may just wake up to nothing."

A poetic, apocalyptic cut, the song is a hair raising mood setter and creeping slow builder which deals with the world's end, and presents an arresting performance by the band, right from the album's very start.

Down the Lees are Laura Lee Schultz, Jonathan Frederix and Kwinten Gluehorse. Bury The Sun was recorded and mixed by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and it is out now through Wagonmaniac Music and Off White House Records.


Artist photo by FayeW Photography

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