Dancing Tongues: Too Much Too Soon

Dancing Tongues' astute sound wears its declared influences on its sleeves, and it carries them with dignity and confidence. For their second offering off their upcoming album the band takes a path that slants closer to the honoured Los Angeles punk rock scene, and acts like The Screamers, The Gun Club and X.

Too Much Too Soon is a solid and memorable rocker filled to the brim with punk energy, and characterized by the casualness and familiarity of the band's songwriting, as well as the brashness in their performance.

"I found myself completely overwhelmed by the amount of information on just about anything remotely politically or socially related, and how rapidly information is distributed," the band's own Alex Lavayen informs us about the song's inspiration and aim. "I came to realize that all of us millennials are, for lack of a better term, really just a headline generation. We are bombarded with labels and titles that are hyper sensational and fall for accepting them every time. Discernment is dead. It seems like the only things that get attention are a fiery flash in the pan - blows up for one hot second, gets everyone’s attention, then disappears forever. People revel in it. It’s like they are as excited to watch something go as they are when it comes. There’s barely anyone slow burning anymore. I feel like we’re starving for a wildfire to burn this shit down so we can restart. We are long overdue for someone to explode with a bunch of raw energy and back it up with enough real fuel to keep burning long enough to leave a real mark - whether it be a band, writer, artist, or movement - we need something real that can transcend all of this noise that caters to the sensation starved vampires sucking the feeling out of everything."

Dancing Tongues are Alex Lavayen and Kevin Modry, and they will be soon releasing their first album, Hypnotic Tales of Sex and Distress.

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