Cuntrie: The Singer

One half of the successful dreampop duo, Wy, and one of the minds behind the newfound label, Feverish, Ebba Gustafsson Ågren emerges with her brand new solo endeavor under the moniker Cuntire, expressing the quirky creative facet of hers which didn't quite suit her band's tone and spirit. The Singer is the first thing we get to sample from Cuntrie, a song about the artist's relationship with her brother.

"A solo project allows me to write about things I never felt fit into what we’re doing with Wy, things like my childhood," Ebba says. "I feel like I can experiment a lot more with the themes of the songs."

A bit lighter and wackier than her work with Wy, The Singer carries a lot of the warmth and intimacy which are customarily found in Ebba's delivery, while the song sounds incredibly crisp and tuneful, along the lines of the high standards set by the artist previous outings.

"I’ve wanted to challenge myself in terms of producing and writing for a while now and this is the result of that," she says.

As to the song's concept and narrative, The Singer is a very personal piece for Ebba, drawing from personal experiences, and coming with a great, self-directed video. "It’s a story about me and my older brother," she further reveals. "We didn’t like each other growing up but we love each other now. He used to sing and whistle in his room all the time when we lived at home and I could hear him through the wall. Another thing that always comes to mind when I think of my brother is riding in his car with him, so that’s how I came up with the idea for the video. I also liked the theme of shooting myself through mirrors since I’m a photographer too. I guess I wanted this whole project to be like a parody of myself."

Scrapbooking, the debut EP from Cuntrie releases December 6th, 2019'

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