Consumer: Massive Subsidies

  • Posted on
  • 14.9.19

With their roster including members from Have A Nice Life, experimental act, Consumer, unveiled a first specimen off their debut album, In Computers, coming out via The Flenser on October 25th, 2019.

Consumer formed in 2017, and are composed of Tim Macuga from Have a Nice Life, Have a Nice Life’s live band Myke Cameron (bass), Rich Otero (drums, synths, programming), and Joe Streeter (guitar/engineering).

Quite differing from Have A Nice Life, Massive Subsidies is an immersive, dense piece which leans heavily toward noise rock, yet processed through a heavy sludge approach, and embellished with industrial and avant-garde electronics. It is heavy rock pushed to the extreme, and surely an exciting new thing to follow.

Artist photo by Sam Nikitas


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