Throwaway: I Work!

With an incredibly vivid sound which in its own way sums up the energy found the early days of grunge, as well as much from the front lines of noise rock, Detroit-based gritty rock duo, Throwaway, come forth with their debut album, WHAT?

Album closer and highlight, I Work!, in its concise two-minute completeness, apart from its anthemic nature, it is also an accurate representation of the angst and ferocity found in the enigmatic duo's rousing delivery and witty songwriting. The song's final lyric provides the entire album with its playful and frisky title, as WHAT? ends on a quite high note, leaving the listener bewildered by a frantic performance courtesy of guitarist and vocalist, Kirsten Carey, and longing for more of that same kind of ardor.

Throwaway are Kirsten Carey (guitar, vocals), and Oliver Dobrian (drums).

Video animation by Ben Willis

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