Stainwasher: Drying

Consistently up and coming Swedish dreampop artist, Stainwasher, follows the great reception of her EP, What Did I See, which came out earlier in 2019, with a new dreamlike, synth-laden track, a piece founded on standout soft vocals and absolutely immense moodiness.

"I never question if presenting my music to the world was a good idea anymore, the feedback makes it all worth it," the artist comments on the warm acceptance of her recent previous work.

Part of an elite roster of the newly established label, Feverish, founded and run by the members of the dreampop act, Wy, Stainwasher continues to deliver and comes forth with a splendid track, abounding in existential qualities.

"I think people like to place things in categories in order to be able to cope with the abundance of information they receive every day, and I am no exception," Stainwasher comments. "The search for some kind of context might be as fundamental as eating or sleeping, that’s why many people never get satisfied with anything, but at least they're alive."

"It’s about imagination," she says of Drying. "We make up stories in our mind about everything and everyone, and perhaps mostly about ourselves. Sometimes I need to trick myself into believing that I believe in weird theories because it's easier seeing life as an experiment than something absolute."

Album art by Ebba G. Ă…gren

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