Pencey Sloe: All Ok

With more than a month to go until their debut album is released, it already feels safe to say that Pencey Sloe belong among the finest French shoegaze has to offer at the moment. Don't Believe, Watch Out, the band's first LP was recorded at Drudenhaus Studio (Alcest, Les Discrets), and it's expected to come out September 27th, 2019.

In the same vein as shoegaze standards like Slowdive, Low and Curve, and also paralleled to some of the genre's more contemporary topnotch acts like Widowspeak or Seapony, the trio's gazey and wistful sound owes a lot of its charm to guitarist, singer and main composer Diane Pellotieri's dense songwriting and beguiling vocal delivery, as well as the solid instrumental accompaniment courtesy of lead guitarist Valentin Beaucourt and drummer Clément Aulnois.

As vague as the term dreamgaze can often be, the word finds perfect meaning as the way to describe Pencey Sloe's charming sound, all dreamlike, hazy, stimulating and artfully harmonious.

All OK, a fascinating shoegazer and the upcoming record's second single, comes with an exquisite, cinematic visual directed by Benjamin Berzerker.

Video directed by Benjamin Berzerker

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