Milly: Talking Secret

LA-based slowcore up and comers, Milly, emerge with Talking Secret, their debut single on Dangerbird Records which couldn't be more convincing and expressive of their ardent potentiality. The band's sound is a compelling fusion of shoegaze, slowcore, and lo-­fi indie rock, all smoothly coming together into a solid blend.

Talking Secret is Milly’s A-side single for Dangerbird Records’ Microdose monthly music series of which previous installments include releases by Mirrorball, No Win, Dev Ray and more.

"It was a song I had been sitting on at the end of my old band," vocalist and guitarist Brendan Dyer reveals. "I knew it had potential but it never felt 100% right when we played it. I recorded the song in Colorado with Corey Coffman in December of 2018. He helped me restructure the song from what it was to the song we know today and I enjoy it much more now. Originally I had made the song with the idea of keeping things repetitive. I was thinking a lot about taking off in an airplane/ the idea of motion or forward momentum. I feel that the guitars and drums especially capture this 'driving' feeling."

Brendan  continues, offering more insight about the accompanying video: "We were just tooling with different ideas around motion (swing sets, steering wheels). For the live shot, it was filmed at Jim's Fallbrook Market in Woodland Hills. We didn't even let anyone know that we were doing it. We just kind of pulled up on a week night and set everything up and went for it. No one cared which to me added to the eeriness we were trying to capture with the video's feeling."

Video directed and shot by Logan Rice

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