Blood Child: Confident Silence

Rising Danish rockers, Blood Child, reveal the second single off their upcoming EP, Shower Me, scheduled for release September 13th, 2019 on the Copenhagen label, NESM.

A frantic fusion of post punk and slacker rock, the new song deals with the interesting and often frustrating matter of how demanding contemporary society can be, constantly expecting everyone to be a success, leaving no room for mistakes, and complete and true independence.

"For us it has always been more about the pure sound of the words, and not so much about their exact meaning," say the band. "It's about the instantaneous, the intuitive and the imperfections of things that occur instantaneously in the moment that is important to us. Words before language. 'Abandon language' is the message; oppose the systematic expectation for things to be done in a certain way."

Confident Silence is a force of commanding energy for its entire three and a half minutes, and the band's tireless drive is one of the heftiest and most evident qualities that the song presents.

"Confident Silence is a way of stating how we feel assured in our calmness, a callout against the sometimes standardizing culture of perfection that seems to be prevailing in our postmodern society.

"Confident Silence is a song that means a lot to us. I believe it was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band, and it's a song that has gone through several stages. The song has been affected by the other songs on the album, however at the same time it has kept insisting on it's own independent qualities during the long process in the studio."

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