Yur Mum: Sweatshop

Multicultural London-based rockers, Yur Mum, have been together as a band for three years, they have already self-released a single and a live EP, and have played more than 200 shows in ten different countries. The trio's brand new single, Sweatshop, is a politically charged punk rocking ripper which carries an astonishing amount of energy and animation in its inviting conciseness.

"Sweatshop inspiration was the reality I saw while walking Sloane Street after a visit to the Embassy," describes Anelise, the band's vocalist and songwriter. "The contrast and indifference got me thinking and I started writing about it straight away. I only came to use the lyrics a year later. We had this new melody and the lyrics just fitted perfectly. In a nutshell, Sweatshop is about exacerbated consumerism, inequality and misuse of government support."

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