Swine Tax: Grand Prix

Newcastle's Swine Tax have yet to produce a full length, but the band haven't been shy since they formed back in 2017. Their singles come plenty and often, and they keep getting snappier and more piquant with time. The band has evidently matured and come a long way, and keep going steady.

Grand Prix, the trio's newest offering finds their songwriting all driving, tense and memorable, channeling the spirit of high quality pop from the sixties, together with eighties power pop and timeless garage rock overtones, bringing to mind old classics like The Who and more contemporary exemplars like Squeeze, but always filtered through their own natural aptitude for wit and inventiveness. As expected, it's a smart piece of exquisite songcrafting which playfully winks to its influence while managing to remain authentic.

The constantly busy Swine Tax do have a full length on the way, and they'll be soon announcing more dates, as they're about to take their praised live act on the road.

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