Super Paradise: Feel

Dream Garage is the self-defined term with which Super Paradise describe their music, a pair of words not used together that often which seem to be making perfect sense while listening to the band's last few offerings.

After the grungier and edgier, 6:30, from last April, Super Paradise come forth with another inviting single, this time slowing down the pace a bit, and aiming for a more direct and gutty sentiment.

"Feel is essentially about just that: the hard-to-describe physical mini-euphoria you get from listening to a piece of music," drummer Bradley Hillier-Smith explains. "It can come from anything or any genre – could be a vocal melody in a pop tune, the bass kicking in in a techno track or a guitar riff that makes your hair stand on end."

Super Paradise once again bring the genre fusing properties of their sound full out, wielding together the distortion with the absorbing melodies, and the adequacy of their rich instrumentation.

"The idea was to try and capture each of these elements which could elicit that feel which draws us to music."

The very sharp and fascinating, Feel, was produced by Euan Hinshelwood, of Young Husband and Wesley Gonzales.

Photo by Bruda Nik

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