Monolord: The Bastard Son

After three great LPs made up of monolithic excellence and doom rocking heaviness, Swedish stoner rockers, Monolord, come back with a new album, this time arriving through Relapse Records.

"This one has been the most challenging yet," the band reveal in a statement. "As always striving for evolvement, but within the Monolord realm and with that inviting another person into that process. We hope you like it."

No Comfort is introduced by the monotonous and unyielding nine and a half-minute epic, The Bastard Son, which is also the album's opening number. The track finds the band once again booming at what they do best, delivering a weighty and very much gritty kind of Sabbathesque doom rock.

The album was recorded at Let Them Swing Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden, marking the first time the trio have allowed an outside voice to be part of the creative process, working with Kim Gravander on the recording, while drummer, Esben Willems, handled mixing.

No Comfort comes out September 20th, 2019.

Album art by Alexander Fjelnseth

Artist photo by Ester Segarra


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