Heron: Sun Release

A week ahead of their sophomore LP's release, Pennsylvania’s rising post rockers, Heron, unveil another piece from their compelling work, the album's title track and closing number, Sun Release.

No strangers to beautifully built up culminations, Heron deliver another expansive piece, a five-minute epic, forceful and symbolic of the amplifying drive and magnetism in the band's songwriting and delivery. Through its embodiment of both melody and strength the track brings Heron's monumental second full length to a climactic conclusion, leaving behind a strong sense of something formidable, rock solid and utterly stimulating.

Heron are Ben Blick (guitar), Boyd Lewis (guitar), Eric Morelli (bass), and Nate Blick (drums). When their firm debut, You Are Here Now, arrived back in 2017, it seemed like the bar was set up pretty high. yet, with their newest one the band seem to be surpassing all expectations with ease and consummate skill.

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