Tau Cross: Burn With Me

Messengers of Deception will be the third album release by metal supergroup, Tau Cross, composed of members from Amebix, Voivod, Misery and War//Plague. It comes out August 9th, 2019 via Relapse Records, and it's introduced by Burn With Me, the dynamic first single, reflective of the veteran band's confidence, punk rocking energy and metallic edge.

The fresh song finds the band going full throttle, raising expectations for the rest of the full length whose topics range from Gnostic Cosmology, Elizabethan and neo Platonic magic, the Ultraterrestrial hypothesis (as outlined through the works of Jacques Vallee & John Keel) and more.

The plain, black and white, in-studio accompanying video for the track was directed by Adam Tucker (Thou, False) who also produced the forthcoming album at Signaturetone Studios.


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