Pinkish Black: Next Solution

Pinkish Black have just released their fourth album, Concept Unification. It's the band's second for Relapse Records, and one of their most venturous and fully realized works thus far.

Closing track, Next Solution, is the epitome of the band's expansiveness, their risk-taking and their drift toward an intricate and audacious approach in songwriting. It's a contemporary progressive rock showpiece with all the might and momentum to eventually become the band's magnum opus. The song begins somberly with a sorrowful piano line and a moody vocal accompaniment, before it expands into richer psychedelic territories, while the synths become more ominous and everything builds in the direction of a massive, full of emotion climax. It's twelve minutes of dark psychedelia which (minus the two bonus tracks) bring a fine album to a majestic end, leaving the aftertaste of something grand and substantial.

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